Employee Experiences

"PSN is an energizing and thought provoking place to work. Each day I am excited to tackle new and existing projects, which create countless learning opportunities. I’ve grown both professionally and personally, developing strong relationships with co-workers, who always offer to lend a helping hand. The camaraderie and teamwork has fostered innovative discussions that help our team successfully complete the task at hand and the company thrive."   Christian S., Corporate Development

“I have been with PSN Affiliates for more than a year and enjoy my time immensely.  It has been rewarding and refreshing to work with an outstanding group of people, all of whom are committed to providing excellent care to patients who visit our facilities.  Our leadership team is outstanding and is dedicated to reaching the goals they set for us as a company.  One instance I am especially proud of is our response to the current COVID-19 pandemic.  PSN  and our Legent facilities, as a whole, have been focused on ways we can help, including volunteering to allow our facilities to be used for patients who might be displaced.  As an organization, we pulled together to do whatever is necessary to help however possible.  I am proud of PSN and of my co-workers.”

Jeff M., Legal Operations

"I have been with PSN for a year and a half and they have been so wonderful to work for.  I started as working front desk at a clinic and have been blessed to continue to grow. They have given me every opportunity to learn and be able to reach my goals.  This company has been very supportive and I have had the pleasure to work with some great people who have taught me so much and have helped to succeed.  This company wants you to have opportunities, and I can say everyone from the top down is willing to help and are always available for anything you may need or if you have an issue with anything.  To me, it feels like a family and even with all that is going in the world right now with COVID-19, they have been supportive and making sure we are all still able to work and be successful.  I am truly blessed!" 

Traci V., Revenue Cycle


"Over the past couple years I have really enjoyed my time with PSN. PSN has pushed me to learn fast, adapt, and continually better my department. Working in a surgery driving business, it is critical to make decisions fast. I would say the best part of working at PSN is they allow me to empower my team to make decisions and tackle problems on their own. Not only does this create a less stressful environment for everyone but it expedites the solution. We have also developed a great leadership team that isn’t afraid to step out of their department and assist others. I am excited for what the future holds for us."

 Jordan M., Facility Operations 


"I have enjoyed working in the healthcare industry for the past 33 years.  During that time, I have held various positions focused on improving healthcare outcomes and reducing costs.  Nowhere have I enjoyed the process of doing so more than at PSN Affiliates.  I have enjoyed tremendous support and autonomy from Senior Leadership which creates boundless energy and enthusiasm on the part of me and my Teammates.  The Team I have the pleasure of working with is unparalleled in their professionalism, passion, and desire to always do the right thing.  There is never a doubt in my mind that the patient always comes first.  It makes me incredibly proud to be a part of our combined mission to improve healthcare by partnering with the Physician community focused on providing the best value-based healthcare in the industry."

Mark M., Corporate Leadership 

One of the largest constraints found in the common work place, is fear; with PSN it isn’t a “common workplace”-  It’s more like a community that fits into its own category. The fear of your ideas being rejected, or your voice not being heard come to a screeching halt by leaders that aren’t afraid to bring new things to the table. Seeing this first hand is the reason I dedicate myself to what I do, daily. No longer having that fear in the back of your mind builds confidence from the ground up. Hard work has continued to pay off and has allowed me to continue to create and reach new professional goals within the PSN family. Excited for the future to come!”"

Robert P., Revenue Cycle


"I enjoy working at PSN for many reasons.  One of the main reason, and the most important reason, for me, it’s the tremendous support and encouragement from my colleague and management.  From day 1, my team welcome me with open arms and open heart.  Immediately they set me up with everything I needed to be successful; from the supplies, computers, and their time.  They don’t hesitates to answer any questions I have or show me anything I don’t know.  I am very lucky to have such a great team."

Tuni M., Human Resources

"I’ve been employed for almost 6 months now.  My experience thus far has been pleasant and rewarding. From day one, I have felt welcomed and supported. PSN and Legent Health are thriving and there is plenty room for growth. Managers are very supportive, and knowledgeable; no one has a closed door policy. If you want to learn, they are here to teach, and that is very heart felt with being new to an establishment."

Selena W., Revenue Cycle

"I am very blessed to have the opportunity to work here at Legent orthopedic and spine hospital.  It is wonderful to be a part of a community that is highly passionate and committed in providing quality patient care along with producing  a high standard of excellence and  keeping our surgeons satisfied with quality work ethic skills.  The relationships  that I have built with my colleagues and administration makes me look forward to coming to work each day as we strive to serve our community"

Michael R., Operating Room

"Why do I love working for PSN?  PSN has been my “work home” since the purchase of the previous facility in 2018. I have felt nothing but support and acceptance since the first day PSN purchased the facility. Senior leadership supports me and my facility in any way they can. They are open to new ideas and want to hear what I have to say. They care about the employees. The company is focused on improving the quality of life of our patients, and at the same time ensuring every team member is appropriately trained and given all necessary support to deliver a world class patient care experience to our patients. It has been and continues to be a great experience working for PSN and Legent Health. Since starting with PSN, my career growth and knowledge have excelled tremendously. I began my career with PSN as Acute Care Director and am now the CNO for Legent Hospital for Special Surgery. The company culture is great, we laugh, have fun, and I feel like part of the owner’s extended family. Everyone is smiling and enjoying what they do. For myself, I love what I do and the impact on the lives we work with is incredibly rewarding. What helps more is being in this rewarding career and working for a company I love. The salary is very competitive, the benefits are comparable with other facilities, and the 401k plan is amazing. I truly love my job and so happy PSN found me!"

Ethel J., Clinical Leadership

"At Legent Orthopedic + Spine, we have created a culture that empowers staff to do what is needed to ensure an exceptional experience for our patients and guests. In the dietary department, we are in a unique position to be able to have interactions with staff from every department, our physician partners, and our patients and guests. One of the things I enjoy the most is the opportunity I have every day to have an immediate impact on a person’s day!"

Pedro Z., Dietary & Nutrition

"Everyone from the CEO, the nurses, and everyone in between work together to accomplish the same goal of providing extraordinary care for all patients.Working for and with the PSN family has been truly amazing! I've experienced so many great things and had the privilege to work with so many fantastic people."

Mitchell D., Facility Operations

"As a nurse of 27 years, I've seen many changes and the effects they have had on patient care and nurse satisfaction; in particular the takeover and consolidation of healthcare into large corporate run systems. As systems grew bigger, I felt further away from my patient, scripted, and unable to practice individualized car; I also saw patient safety issues increase. Patient care became efficient but had an assembly line feel to it. However,  the Legent Health network experience has allowed me to get back to the essence of the nurse patient relationship and I am able to experience again the satisfaction of what lead me to go into a nursing.  I recognize the importance of innovative companies such as the PSN Affiliates and Legent Health network as an alternative to the large systems and I am excited to be part as we move forward."

Connie. D, Clinical Operations


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