About Us



Our mission, why we exist at PSN Affiliates and Legent Health, is to create a difference in the healthcare industry for our physicians, employees, and our patients. Our network of Legent Health facilities is comprised of acute care surgical hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers so the goals and values of the surgeon, patient, and the payers are all aligned. Our strategic approach leads to cost reduction of healthcare for payers and patients, and  in doing so, transforms the healthcare experience.



We find inspiration through our mission to deliver compassionate, high-quality health care to improve the health and lives of the communities we serve. Above all, we are committed to providing our patients, physicians, and employees with a truly unique healthcare system that cultivates mutual respect through the embodiment of our values – creating a low cost, high-quality healthcare system through physician partnerships providing truly excellent service.



Our mission extends beyond the walls of our hospitals and surgery centers. We are partners and advocates for the health and well-being of the communities we are privileged to serve. Our healthcare network of employees and physician partners, along with the collaborations with our accrediting bodies, are aligned to bring reduced cost high-quality healthcare to our patients whose experience is our highest priority.


Preservation of private practice. Providing patients with high-quality healthcare experiences at reduced costs.